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What I offer sradmin 2020 February 6
Psychic/Mediumship readings

In 2020 it was a breakthrough year for me to awaken my spiritual abilities. The same year I experienced three significant losses in my life. My marriage, my nan and my uncle within a period of six months. These losses broke me into pieces and made me look into a deeper meaning of me. I had to build myself from the foundation and move forward. A time when I started my own soul searching and healing journey. It was a rollercoaster and at times still is. I can look into your journey on the earth plane and help you to answer questions you have. I can assist you to steer your life wheel in the direction to benefit your soul. In addition to connecting to your closed ones who passed over to the spirit world, communicate and receive messages for you on behalf of them. My main aim is to assist with clarity and truth, however not all the times it will be the messages you want to hear, but I can assure it will be what you need at the time in your life journey.

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