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Psychic readings
Spiritual Healing
Psychic readings
This is where psychic reading can assist you to look into your situation and guide you to cross over a barrier you experience. In a psychic reading, I will tap into your energy and be able to tell your past, present, or future. In psychic reading. I wont read your entire life journey, but I can tell you a critical details for you to adjust and improve your life. In psychic readings I use clairvoyant, empath abilities to communicate with mine and your spirit guides and directly relay information to you. There will be times where information received may not be what you wish to hear but it will be an information you need to receive for the best of you and your higher self. I am able channel and answer specific questions for the best possible outcome. I also use oracle cards for general guidance and love cards to look into your relationship with your other half or yourself. Reading will be conducted via video call (WhatsApp, FaceTime, Instagram, Zoom). Face to face appointments can be arranged.
Mediumship readings
Medium readings are based on communication with your loved ones who crossed over to the spirit world and deliver messages. There are no guarantees your named loved one will come forward, however I can guarantee a communication. Each reading is unique and individual to each client. When we prepare for a spirit communication, we raise our vibration and they lower theirs to meet in the middle. Sometimes spirits may present themselves as a younger version however they will always make themselves known to you as you remember. I am an evidential medium who will rarely ask questions. Information and messages received sometimes rely on your living close family. Please note, mediumship communication is not a replacement for a grieving process and you should allow time for your self healing first.
My services
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Agne services
  • Psychic reading with oracle cards/pendulum/photo 45min £30.00
  •  Mediumship reading/ messages from loved ones 45min £40.00

Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual healing is a journey to self discovery and healing

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