My story

My story sradmin 2020 February 6

A little about me… My name is Agne, originally from Lithuania, currently building my life in multicultural London. I am an empath, clairvoyant – medium.  My spiritual mediumship ability help communicate with souls/ loved ones who crossed over to the spirit world. My story goes back to my childhood. When I was little, the majority of the time, I was an odd one out. Many times trying to fit in and be like others but ended up bullied from older kids or withdrawing from others. At times, I would bring my playing cards to school and give readings to my class friends who later confirmed to come true. I did not take any notice then. I would also have visits from my passed relatives in my dreams without taking a good notice of their messages. The clearest dream in my childhood I remember was when my great uncle passed away and I dreamed of his life support machine in the hospital being turned off. Then I woke up into a busy household saddened with a message from the hospital of the same uncle passing away. There are many testimonies in my life where I was pre-noted of my family losses and signs from the universe.

In 2020 it was a breakthrough year for me to awaken my spiritual abilities. The same year I experienced significant losses in my life; marriage break up; passing of my dearest nan, my father figure uncle and aunt within a period of nine months from the same family bloodline. These losses broke me into pieces and made me look into a deeper meaning of life and myself. I had to start build my life from foundation and move forward. This was a time when I started my own soul searching and healing journey to a better self. It was a rollercoaster and at times still is. As years go by, I draw a line to the past and move to the future and enjoy the present moment the most. There is no general recipe for happiness, there is no wholesome direction for success but there is a life journey with a leader – YOU.  Stay true to yourself and know – Universe – God has a plan. The song comes into my mind as I’m writing this is Unstoppable by Sia.

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